"I have this mad idea about a boy who never grows up." 


The story 

Come face to face with the man who dreamed up Neverland,in this immersive show set inside the mind of Peter Pan creator, J. M. Barrie.  In this soaring adventure through James' vast imagination,  venture to Neverland and beyond to meet the characters you have always loved, and the haunting realities that inspired them.  Exploring the life and trials of the man who gave the world "the boy who wouldn't grow up", shadowplay features an unpredictable and ever changing story, so you never know what you're going to get whether it is your first time in Neverland or your 50th.  


Rachel's love for Peter Pan goes back decades, from watching Cathy Rigby live as the titular character, to reading the book, to watching the many film and television adaptations and retellings, Rachel has always had a love for the flying boy.  Yet it can be argued that she had an even greater fascination with the complicated man who created him. With development beginning in 2015 under the suggestion from a friend to create an "Immersive Peter Pan show", Rachel fell in love with the idea and set to work. Originally known as Flight, this incarnation of shadowplay went through this first series of workshops on October 8th and 13th of 2017, and had its  World Premiere in Virginia on January 27th, 2018. shadowplay will be making its New York City Debut, premiering Access Theater (380 Broadway) from November 23- December 16th 2018. 

October 8th. 2017 Workshop of  shadowplay,  then known as  Flight.

October 8th. 2017 Workshop of shadowplay, then known as Flight.

Access Theater.: The original home of  shadowplay  in NYC.

Access Theater.: The original home of shadowplay in NYC.


shadowplay (then known as Flight) had it’s first production at the Fredericksburg Library Theater on January 27th & 28th 2018

shadowplay: an immserive experience ran at Access Theater in NYC from November 28th- December 16th 2018.

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Original Workshop Cast

James Barrie – Timothy Chapman

Peter Pan – Rachel Garnet

Wendy Darling – Julianna Robinson

James’ Shadow – Joshua Chapman

Peter’s Shadow - Muggs Leone

Wendy’s Shadow – Angelina Beale

Native/Margaret Barrie – Anne Lloyd

Mermaid/Mary Ansell Barrie – Elaine Macneil

Captain Hook – Elijah Beale

Peter Llewelyn Davies – Zechariah Beale


Original NYC Cast

J.M Barrie: Connor Scott

Peter Pan: Scout Backus 

Wendy Darling: Clio Contegenis 

Captain Hook: Connor Delves 

Mary Ansell: Kristin Guerin

Margaret Barrie: Shanel Sparr

Peter Pan's Shadow: Sarah McEneaney 

Wendy Darling's Shadow: Laura Pierpont 

Wendy Darling's Shadow/ Jane: Libby Hatfield 

J.M Barrie's Shadow: Kayla Hendry

Peter Llewelyn Davies: Benji Sills